Karim Lekadir receives the ERC Consolidator Grant

Karim Lekadir, Director of BCN-AIM, Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the UB, received 2.2 million euros to conduct the research study Inclusive Artificial Intelligence for Accessible Medical Imaging Across Resource-Limited Settings (AIMIX). “The aim of the project is to study how artificial intelligence can adjust to the needs and features of local populations with limited resources and high healthcare demands, such as those in Africa”, says Lekadir, whose research will improve the development of accessible creative health solutions in depressed populational environments. “An application is, for instance, conducting ultrasound tests to pregnant women who live in remote areas of Africa”, notes the researcher.

Lekadir believes that artificial intelligence “will revolutionize healthcare because it will enable professionals to conduct clinical tasks in a faster, more precise and efficient way”. Also, it will be a way to reduce “inequalities in healthcare” in areas with limited resources and to diagnose severe diseases faster to find “the best treatment”.